The history of the Consorzio

Once upon a time the 'Vinicola'

In 1979 the Consorzio Vini Tipici was established to protect and enhance the entire San Marino wine heritage. The Consortium coordinates the viticultural activities within the territory of the Republic, directly managing the work of the 100 wine-grower members.
The Origin Identification Mark is a guarantee of quality and protection of the final product, there are rules and controls during the entire production cycle, it is released by the State which becomes the absolute guarantor of the healthiness of the wines of the Cellar.


The winery carefully coordinates and organizes the work of the winegrowing members committed to producing grapes with a unique character at the origin of the wines that can best represent the territory.

San Marino

The State Trademark guarantees quality following the entire production chain. The technical and operational bodies of the State protect consumers and enhance the wine heritage.

A collective work

Producing wine is the realization of a collective work of art, for which everyone plays a fundamental role. The final product is born from the choice and care of the grapes. The selection of woods and cork trees is wisely guided by experience and the desire to produce a unique wine.

The quality of the product can only be reached through the work and expertise of each winemaker in using the appropriate equipment. Wine is a living work that finds in the territory of San Marino the perfect environment to be born and express itself.

Our Cellar

"The sun, with all those planets that revolve around and depend on it, can still ripen a handful of bunches of grapes as if it had nothing else to do in the universe." - Galileo Galilei