The Origins

The first historical documentation that bears witness to the importance of the vine dates back to the 13th century “… on March 30th 1253, a colony contract was stipulated for a vineyard in the Valdragone area between the grantor Sabatino of San Marino and the conductor Deutaidi di Superclo da San Marino…”


The first Rustic Cadastre of the history of the Republic, written in 1775, and some official documents reconstruct the history of San Marino enology. Already at the time, the white Canino, the Biancale, the Trebbiano, the black and white Moscatello, the Aleatico, the Albana and the Sangiovese were the most common vines. I vanti were raised a few palms from the ground, with vines married to maples and accompanied by olive and fruit trees.

So small, so unique.

We produce wines that satisfy taste and soul.


The bowels of Monte Titano become the source of fine and quality wines. The fresh caves and cavities of the mountain act as a natural cellar, giving the wines properties and unique flavors. Over the years, the quality and fame of San Marino wines has spread rapidly, thanks to their trade that has reached Venice. Wine production in the heart of San Marino gives life to some of the most appreciated wines, such as Sangiovese and Moscato which, in a short time, are affirmed thanks to their flavor.

Tourism and Trade

Tourism is a driving force for the San Marino wine trade. The “Caves” of Borgo Maggiore become the perfect resting place during days of fairs and markets, where tourists can taste the local wine, feeding its fame. We are at the end of 1800, when Borgo became the commercial hub of the Republic, as well as the cradle of very fine wines.

In 1878, 1889 and 1890, at the Exposition Universelle de Paris, some San Marino winemakers were awarded for the quality of their white and Sangiovese wines.

From 1878 to the present day

The important dates


first historical document ...

... of renting a vineyard in the Valdragone area


Particella Cantina San Marino

Domenico Mengozzi

draws up the Agricultural Statute, practical rules for the cultivation of the vine in San Marino


Esposizione Universale Parigi

First recognition

at the Exposition Universelle de Paris, in which some producers from San Marino are awarded silver and bronze medals for samples of white and Sangiovese wines



at the Italian Agricultural Exhibition

San Marino wines receive a ``recognition of merit for excellent taste and quality``


la Vinicola

The Vinicola Titano is born

A tradition, passion and culture that has been handed down over the centuries to the present day.


Centro Viticolo Bosche

The Bosche Wine Center is built

for the study, preservation and multiplication of typical San Marino varieties.



The ``Consorzio Vini Tipici di San Marino`` is founded

composed of the Excellency Room and two cooperatives, the Cantina Vini of San Marino and the Cantina Sociale Sammarinese.


marchio a identificazione tipica cantina san marino

Law No. 127 on viticulture

and the production of wine, establishes the Identification of Origin label that qualifies the wines of San Marino.


Gruppo Elite

The ``Elite group`` is formed ...

... the best winemakers who lead the vineyards with the greatest potential, undertake to produce grapes in accordance with a very strict specification, the foundations of the ``Quality Project`` are laid.



new vineyards

they are born on our land, we invest in typical local varieties and San Marino clones, and international vines also find space.



the new shop and barrel room is inaugurated.

A modern environment where to buy the wines and products of the Consorzio Terra di San Marino, the tasting room where you can taste our bottles and the barrel room where at the controlled temperature and humidity they refine our best wines.


cantina san marino vigneti le bosche san marino

the San Marino BIO project starts

... part of the vineyard surface becomes biological conduction.


intruso sangiovese cantina san marino

“L’Intruso” exits to the market

... the first organic wine vinified in the absence of sulphites


Cantina San Marino

Cantina San Marino

The Consorzio Vini Tipici di San Marino becomes Cantina San Marino.