White grape vines


The Moscato Bianco grape is an aromatic grape widespread throughout Italy, it belongs to the Moscati family, aromatic vines whose name derives from “muscum”, musk, whose characteristic aroma is found in grapes.

In France it is called “Muscat à petit grains” while in Italy we find it particularly in Piedmont, Alto Adige, Tuscany and Sicily, in San Marino widely distributed at different altitudes, particularly in the area of ​​Falciano and Faetano.

The bunch of white muscat is moderately compact or compact, with a production and a regular and basically good vigor, the wine produced is very recognizable, with an intense aroma and a good freshness, sensitive to sunburn and botrytis.

It has excellent versatility, it can in fact be vinified dry, sweet, sparkling wine, excellent also as a passito.

Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion