White grape vines


The Ribolla di San Marino, in the dialect “Arbola” is a white grape variety that has always been present in this territory, known in the Rimini area as Rebola, in the Bolognese area as Pignoletto and in Umbria as Grechetto, it has no analogy with the Friulian Ribolla gialla.

It is cultivated in the area of ​​Falciano and Serravalle, in Domagnano and in Montegiardino.

Ribolla has a small, compact bunch, cylindrical or pyramidal, simple or winged, with budding and late ripening.

Almost disappeared in the 1980s, due to not very high production and sensitivity to some ampelopathies, after years of experimentation and after an important selection work of typically San Marino clone, now it is the most cultivated white grape in the Republic after Biancale.

The wine obtained is alcoholic, fruity and floral with hints of acacia, broom, white peach and citrus, also lends itself to different interpretations: dry, sparkling and passito.

La Ribolla in the Cellar: Ribolla di San Marino, Roncale di San Marino e Caldese di San Marino

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