White grape vines


Chardonnay is a white grape variety probably of French origin.
In France it is cultivated in Burgundy where it becomes Chablis and in Champagne where it enters the composition of the homonymous wine together with Pinot Noir. It is among the most cultivated white grape varieties in the world, in Italy it is present from Trentino to Sicily, until the end from the 1970s it was confused with Pinot Bianco and called Pinot-Chardonnay, in San Marino it has been found for about 25 years in the areas of Falciano and Faetano.

Chardonnay has a medium-sized, pyramidal and fairly compact bunch. The grape is medium-small, spheroidal with a golden-yellow color, medium consistency skin, with juicy and sweet pulp. The sprouting, flowering and veraison periods are early.

From its grapes are obtained wines of great value, it is a vine, however, decidedly plastic, if harvested early it is perfect as a sparkling base both from refermentation in the bottle and in autoclave with the charmat method, if drunk young fascinates for its finesse and balance acid-alcohol, if left to mature and aged in wood it becomes powerful, long-lived and with great aromatic amplitude.

Chardonnay in the cellar: Riserva Titano e Caldese di San Marino

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