Red grape vines


Merlot is a red berry vine, originating in the Bordeaux area, in the South-West of France, often combined with Cabernet sauvignon, from their union some of the most prestigious wines in the world are born.

The two vines are perfectly integrated: with a full and ripe fruit the merlot, with greater tannins and an innate longevity, the Cabernet; in Bordeaux also, the use of a percentage of Cabernet franc gives the blend pleasant plant sensations and an increase in the fruity component.

Cultivated in northern and central Italy, we find it in San Marino at different altitudes and on different terrains: in Falciano, Serravalle and Faetano the most important vineyards.

The Merlot grape has a medium compact cluster, medium in some loose strands, with excellent vigor and good productivity.

The wine obtained from the Merlot grape is intense in color, warm, fruity, tannic and full bodied on the palate.

The Merlot in the Cellar: Sterpeto Riserva

Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion